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World Of Warcraft Patch 5.4 Released – Here’s What It Means

World Of Warcraft Patch 5.4 Released - Here's What It Means
World of Warcraft

Today is the day that the next major patch in World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria, and of course Blizzard have definitely went out of their way to tell people that this patch 5.4 is a massive deal. The new patch features alot of new features, such as a new area called the Timeless Isle, a new proving grounds area to prove how good you are at playing your class. But the most important and most anticipated feature of this patch is that it includes a new raid called the Siege of Orgrimmar, which pits the Horde and the Alliance against the delinquent orc, known as Garrosh Hellscream and his many Horde war machines that are there to protect him. There is also another interesting feature for the more casual player base. That feature is the flexible raiding difficulty. which means

that the raid scales the difficulty to the amount of players you have within the raid, the amount of players can range between the minimum of ten to the maximum of twenty five players within the raid. Of course as many of you may know, that this patch will see the conclusion of the legendary quest chain for the legendary cloak's for you character. All of the features within the patch can be found on the Patch notes page on the official Blizzard website or you can watch the feature video down below, which we can thank the community manager of BlizzardJosh Allen. Who has created this video for people that don't want to know about any damage increases or decreases. So here is the at a glance video. Enjoy.

To be quite honest this patch is huge, there is so many features to be excited about. But with all that being said I will give my honest opinion on what I think this patch will do to the game. Well for one the patch could bring alot of old players back in to the game that could be on their mid expansion/end of expansion sabbatical, that alot of people take who are waiting for the next expansion pack or just generally taking a break. But as a whole there will definately be players returning to the game, due to the fact that Orgrimmar has been the main city for the Horde for... Well forever, Orgrimmar was one of the first city's players walked in to when they first started

Timeless Isle Map

Timeless Isle Map

playing the game and having that feeling of the world around you being so immersive and so huge. With that being said, the Siege Of Orgrimmar being the center of attention during this patch, people are going to want to come back and see the overhaul of everything the Horde has ever known and just witness what is going to happen to the faction that they have invested so much time in to.

Also another example of players coming back, is that the players that felt left out due to players not actually being around on their server and their experience being dampened because it doesn't meet the expectations of an MMORPG and feels more like a single player game, and with the feature of Connected Realms with in the game, which allows a group of Realms to be grouped seamlessly so people can trade, invite each other and just generally play with each other as if they were just on the same Realm from the beginning.

The Celestial's That Await Defeat On The Timeless Isle

The Celestial's That Await Defeat On The Timeless Isle

Another big feature of this patch is the Timeless Isle , the Timeless Isle is an Island that is away from anything time related, with plenty of NPC's saying lots about how "the sun is not moving", and that is very true the sun does not move on the Island. But also another thing that does not seem to move is that on release day which is today, everybody is on this Island doing everything they can. With that having its bad points and it's good points. lets start with the bad. The bad news about this, is that the Island although it has so much to do, it just feels small for the amount of people trying to be on this Island. Now I know that will die down after the initial hype of the new features, but we will just wait and see. Now for the good news. The good news for the amount of people on this Island is that, their is alot of group orientated content on the Island, with the amount of rares and new world bosses. So all in all the Isle is going to be a very good feature to the game and will keep people very very busy, until the next expansion.

The Proving Grounds - "Prove Your Worth"

The Proving Grounds - "Prove Your Worth"

Now on to the Proving grounds, I played some in the PTR on a Pre-Made Mage, and all I can really say is that it really does prepare the individual doing the trials for raiding, and for a game like this that is really important. The trials go in order of Bronze, Silver and Gold. You pass one then you go on to the next one each one preparing you depending on your role in a raid situation, which could be DPS, Healing or Tanking. So in a way it is teaching you the best way to get better at your class and role, and it really does work for people who have just created an alt and may not know how to play that class or role effectively in that situation, who can learn in a quick and efficient way.

Last but not least the most anticipated feature of Patch 5.4, the Siege Of Orgrimmar. Now the raid itself is very expansive with loads of bosses and new mechanics to master and most importantly enjoy. As I have said the main point of the raid is to enjoy it and I thoroughly enjoyed my time inside the raid and watching other people do the raid itself. Now with that being said the raid is challenging for people but not so challenging that it feels like it is impossible, because at the end of the day as long as you do your research and study up about what the bosses do during the encounter, you will be fine.

I personally think this patch will easily bring people back and together, and also make the casuals of the game not feel so left out in major raid content, because of course with the feature of being able to choose your group size between ten and twenty-five people, will be a big bonus for the groups that can't get that group size and they can still see the end game content. But all in all there will be alot of people happy with this Patch, because it is so worth the money to get back in to this game because, trust me there is so much to interest the masses and there literally is something for everyone, and I know everyone will enjoy at least one thing within this patch.


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