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Where is my Madden?

Where is my Madden?
Madden Football

Every gamer out there has a list of the top games one should play, but do you remember the first series you fell in love with?  I do. To this day my heart sings melodies about Madden football.

For every system I have ever owned I have bought a copy of Madden.  I started playing this game when I was younger than eight years old.  Seven days a week I would literally wait for dinner to be over then challenge my father to a game.  I lived for Madden.

I have a copy of Madden for my 360 now but I’ve maybe played it over a dozen times.  Maybe.  It’s not the same anymore.  It’s like that moment you find out wrestling is fake.  Yeah, it makes you smile inside when you see commercials or t-shirts about it, but something is missing and I can't help but ask, "Where is my Madden?"

Here are three things the next Madden needs in order to get me back in the game:

John Madden 1.  A Madden Siri App. 

One of the best parts about playing Madden is listening to him crack comments.  Imagine how fun it would be if we could input twenty or so remarks then as we played he said them!  I would pay for a game like that.

2.  A Blitz Cheat. blitz madden

What  I’m referring to here is the video game Blitz (Check them out here they're worth getting to know).  For those of you who haven’t played the series – it was football with no rules.  It was violent, absurd, and ridiculously fun to play.  Madden could break a few rules here and there and I wouldn’t mind.

Madden control3.  Stop making Maddens every year. 

Again this is a wish list.  I know...I know they’ll keep making Madden as long as it makes over a dollar.  But honestly, usually the biggest difference these Maddens have all are defined by control functions.  So to end my wish list, I’d like the developers to spend a year (or two) perfecting a smooth control game play function.

What do you think?  How can we take this game to the Superbowl?  -- Sorry couldn’t resist.

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