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Top Five PS1 Music And Dance Games

Top Five PS1 Music And Dance Games

Before there was Rockband, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and Just Dance, there were games that brought music to the living room that made music/dance video games what it is today.  These Playstation 1 games were at its peak on the console at that time.  Here are the top five PS1 Music/Dance Games.

Dance Dance Revolution

This is the game that started the crazy in many arcades around the world where people displayed their dance moves and crazy YouTube videos of dance moves of people playing the game.  This game has been released on the consoles over the years and consoles that had gamepads has brought gameplay to the living room.  It can be fun to see family and friend's dance moves where fun memories of playing a dance game can be made.

Dance Dance Revolution (PS1) Gameplay


Parappa the Rapper

Parappa the Rapper introduced rap to video games with catchy raps where just about anyone could rap along during gameplay.  Have you ever seen a dog that can rap? With this game players can take control of a rapping dog.  Who would of thought playing a video game that has rap as the main focus could be so much fun.  With the release of the Playstation 2, there was another sequel to the hit rapping video game, Parappa the Rapper 2, with more raps and different stages.

Parappa the Rapper - Stage Three


MTV Music Generator 

MTV was at its peak during the 1990s and early 2000 where music videos and interview where crazy for many high school and college students.  MTV Music Generator was a way for players to create their own music with different tempos and beats that can be saved and be shared with others using a memory card.  This game was a great way for people who wanted to make music and possibly get into the music business.

MTV Music Generator 


Bust a Groove

With the success of Dance Dance Revolution, there was another dancing game, which was more simpler to play and that game was Bust a Groove. It can be tricky and difficult at times.  This game has brought head-to-head competition with another player or the computer.  Players could battle each other with dance moves and to see if the other player could out do them with other dance moves.

Bust a Groove - PS1


UmJammer Lammy 

Now that you seen a rapping dog, how about a lamb that can play the guitar?  UmJammer Lammy has brought the guitar experience to a level where players can play the guitar in a catchy fun environment.  The gameplay is the same as Parappa the Rapper and the king of rap in video games, Parappa, makes an appearance as a playable character.

UmJammer Lammy - Chief Puddle 

UmJammer Lammy with Parappa


These games mentioned above were the games to played on the Playstation 1 during the time where no Nintendo or Sega game could compete against Sony's collection of music/dance games.


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