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Top Game Jingles

Top Game Jingles
Legend of Zelda (NES) Sonic

There are a kagillion parts to every game.  Things we like and things we like to hate about each of them.  But the secret to making a truly stellar game lies in its jingle.

Think about games with epic scores, catchy Star War like tunes, jingles that stay with you through the day.  But for some reason jingles aren’t what they used to be.  Yeah, there’s music playing but rarely is it personalized to the gaming experience for the gamer.   

Nowadays, game jingles have turned into opera like adventures.  Background noise at best. 

So one has to wonder what the secret to making a kick ass jingle is?  To answer this puzzle lets look at some of the top jingles ever made in the history of games:

Mario Fly1.  Mario

This should be a surprise, right?

A mute could sing this melody that’s how powerful it is.  In band class this should be the first song every musician learns.  When you’re about to do something heroic this tune should kick in to give it that extra spice.  The Most Interesting Man in the World thinks THIS song is interesting.

What makes it so cool is how simple it is.  It doesn’t rely on background singers, twenty guitars, an five minute progression.  NO.  It’s made up of a dozen or so notes that just resonate with the soul. 

Moral of the song – keep it simple.

Link2.  The Legend of Zelda

“Link, he come to town! Come to save, the princess Zelda…” 

You can’t go wrong with a march like this.  What makes this song a must to be learned from -- it has everything you want to know about the game is IN THE SONG.  This song motivates you to play harder because it's constantly reminds you of your purpose in life:  Zelda.

On top of that, it’s a great conversation starter and ender.  Think about it, when you’re in the mood to play Zelda instead of saying, “I’m going to go play video games.”  Try singing this song.  It automatically releases endorphins. 

Super Sonic3.  Sonic


This game is a tricky one.  Although its theme is pretty forgettable I am officially giving it credit to the start of generic random songs that games of this era lived on.  Hence, it's on the list. 

The Sonic songs are like tunes you hear out of a Vegas slot machine.  Although not powerful, for some reason it is kind of hypnotic. 


Final Thoughts...

Give me a timeless riff and I’ll play a game till my system burns out.  Drop me a line below and let me know what theme songs you're singing in the shower.        

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