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Top 5 NBA Video Games to Play Casually

Top 5 NBA Video Games to Play Casually

Before NBA 2K14, there were basketball video games that could be played casually and brought out the best of many people who don't have the skills.  People have work, family, school, and other important things that prevent them from playing basketball on a court.  Some people like the sport, some people don't.  However, when it comes to basketball video games, even 5 or 10 minutes can bring out people's basketball skills in a video game.  Here are Top 5 NBA Video Games to Play Casually.


NBA Jam was a big hit in the arcades in the early 1990s and was ported to the home consoles, Sega Genesis and the SNES.  This game was a 2 vs 2 basketball game and the announce brought the game to life with "He's Heating Up", "He's on Fire", "Ohhhhhh", "Kaboom", and the most famous "Boom Shaka Laka".  NBA Jam also brought insanely dunks that can only happen in video games from spinning super high dunks.  At times, players were able to break the back board after certain amount of dunks or a spectacular dunks. Probably the coolest part when a players makes 3 baskets in a row and that players becomes "on fire" and the ball was on fire too.  Many people who grew up during he 1990s and played video games may have played this game at least once or many times.  This game was so popular during the 1990s that there were tournaments held across the United States at participating Blockbusters to see who was the top NBA Jam player.

SNES Gameplay

Since Midway created NBA Jam, there would be no reason to add their most famous game at the time, Mortal Kombat, characters in the game.  Seeing Scorpion and Raiden on the same team is refreshing instead of them killing each other and using fatalities.

NBA Jam Tournament Edition - Scorpion and Raiden Gameplay 

NBA Jam and NBA Jam Tournament Edition also introduced a U.S. President, Bill Clinton to the roster and Hilary Clinton.


NBA Hangtime

NBA Hangtime was another NBA game created by Midway for the original Playstation.  The game played like NBA Jam and also included ally oops that can be controlled by the player.  The CPU at times can be a nuisance with the constant pushing.  A new feature was added such as baller/player creation.  This included heads (an alien, a cow, a chicken, a bull, a gnome, and many more), uniforms, attributes, privileges, and nicknames.  With the player creation, there are endless ways to create an avatar of oneself or create a humorous character.

Player Creation

N64 Gameplay


NBA Street 

NBA Street was published by Electronic Arts in 2001 for the Playstation 2.  This game was different then NBA Jam and NBA Hangtime because it was a 3 vs 3 game.   However, player creation can also be seen in this game and unlockable players such as a Yeti. The greatest player to play the game, Michael Jordan, was a playable character and can be played against.   Players could also play as Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, and other NBA superstars.  Another part of this game brought 'Gamebreakers' an ability to perform amazing shots, dunks, and/or passes after a certain amount of points gained throughout the match.  However, Gamebreakers can be blocked if the timing is right.

Unlocakable Players

NBA Street Vol. 2 - Level 2 Gamebreaker (Good NBA Street gamebreakers couldn't be found)

Playstation 2 Gameplay


NBA Ballers - Rags to Riches

NBA Ballers - Rags to Riches was a PS2 game that was released in 2004 for the Xbox and Playstation 2.  This game has brought the 1 on 1 gameplay to these consoles.  This was a new way  for players to have the 1 on 1 experience that demonstrated the players abilities against one another.  NBA Ballers also brought a story mode where players created their own player and start as an unknown basketball player looking for fame.  The player must go against NBA players and other basketball players in order to become well known in the NBA.

PS2 Gameplay 


NBA Jam (2010)

NBA Jam has returned in 2010 as a modern classic video game to the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3.  Just about everything has returned from the original game with a modern roster of each NBA team at the time.  Even the original announcer from the original NBA Jam has returned to game bringing back the commentary of each game.  There were different modes such as 1 vs 1 boss battles, elimination, and domination.  Ever since the President Bill Clinton was featured in the original game, more candidates were playable in this game.  The 2010 U.S. Presidential Elections has passed and the candidates of that election were playable in NBA Jam.  Seeing President Barrack Obama showing his basketball skills and awesome dunks is pretty cool.

Xbox 360 Gameplay 

NBA Jam - Republicans vs Democrats


Which NBA game is your favorite?

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