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Kingdom Hearts: The Creepiest Game Ever Made

Kingdom Hearts: The Creepiest Game Ever Made
Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts 2

By now all of us are a little desensitized by violence, monsters under our bed, and yes even Marvel’s Agents of Shield.  How we drifted so far into the unknown only Steve Jobs knows and he ain’t talking. 

A recent post I wrote – Halo:  The Most Overrated Game Ever Made caused the gears in my mind to question the souls of other games.  One franchise in particular stood out in the creepiest of ways:  KINGDOM HEARTS for being well CREEPY AS HELL!    Kingdom 2

Now, I’m not saying it’s a scary game.  But I am saying it feels a tad bit like Manson may have had his hand in the construction of this series.  Either that or Mickey Mouse got a little stir crazy while drinking and hence approved certain elements to spice up his life a bit... for starters letting this entire game happen.      

So what makes Kingdom Hearts the Creepiest Game Ever Made?  Well... Thanks for asking...

kingdom 7Strike one:  The Disney Factor

There are lot of things about Disney that give me the hebe jebes.  The long lines, lame rides, racist statues, the list goes on.  Personally, if that’s the happiest place on Earth I have to wonder what’s the saddest is?  Target?  I feel like it might be because I have more fun trolling Target than spending a day with Goofy. 

But that’s me.  I’m picky like that.  In this case, Disney is ALL UP IN Kingdom Hearts.  Obviously they have a stake in it, we all know this.  But I have to question if their motives are pure for well…being simply Disney.  Yeah, being Disney is strike one.  Deal with it.   

Kindom 4Strike Two:  Subliminal Messages

Strike two somewhat ties into one.  Remember how old Disney flicks had subliminal messages?  Well it didn’t stop there.  Apparently in Kingdom Hearts 2 there are all these urban myths about a certain song that if played backwards introduces you to D-Devil. 

No biggie if you’re short on a friend I guess, but it does raise the creepy factor up a bit in my book. 

You be the judge:  'Simple and Clean' by Utada Hikaru.      

Kingdom 5Strike three:  Shadow Yellowed Eyed Cathedral Glitch

They say the biggest trick D-Devil ever pulled was making us believe he didn’t exist. 

It is also said if you’re defeated on top of the Snow White Cathedral and died exactly in the center of the apple the music gets louder, darker, weird yellow eyed monster show – nothing like the happiest place on Earth.

But that’s NOT what makes it creepy – apparently gamers can’t get past this point SO they restart thinking it’s a glitch. 

I don’t know.  It is said, they say a lot.  You decide.  Myth or fact? 

Final Thoughts…Kingdom 6

I know there are a lot of Kingdom Heart fans out there who can shed some light on all the hidden gems this series has to offer.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind if it went ten levels darker and owned its tone instead of teasing me with all this creepiness. 

Until that day arrives I can’t help wondering what else this game is hiding right in front of our eyes… anyone have any ideas? 

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