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WWF No Mercy (N64): Overrated or Underrated?

WWF No Mercy (N64): Overrated or Underrated?
WWF: No Mercy

At a time where video games were getting more and more popular, and the wrestling business was at it's peak, WWF No Mercy was released for the Nintendo 64. It came out in November of 2000, and featured all of the top stars from the WWF over the past year, as well as a surprise legend. While this game was great, many consider it to be the greatest wrestling video game of all time. Right now, I want to look at a few different elements that can help us determine whether or not this game is overrated or underrated.



WWF No Mercy features a pretty stacked roster. Everybody from the mainstays

Too Cool danced in WWF No Mercy first. Way before WWE '13.

Too Cool danced in WWF No Mercy first. Way before WWE '13.

like Kane and Undertaker, to Linda McMahon and Andre The Giant. Everybody and more are featured. Along with the huge default roster, you also have the create a wrestler option, where you can create even more wrestlers who were on the roster at the time. Such as the Mean Street Posse, Mideon, Gangrel, and more. It's without a doubt, one of the most complete rosters in WWF game history.



There are two main modes in WWF No Mercy, aside from Exhibition. There is Championship Mode, where the superstar of your choosing goes through a whole story, complete with matches, in chase of the championship you selected them to go after. That means you can even have Stone Cold Steve Austin chase the Women's Championship. Though, who would want to do that?... Me. I'm weird like that. I had to see it for myself.

Along with that, you can also unlock legends, such as Andre The Giant, in Championship Mode. That is not your only option for unlocking characters. There is another mode called "Survival" where you compete in pretty much a huge Royal Rumble match. If you make it to 100, you've managed to beat and unlock every character in the game (except Linda). I always preferred Survival over Championship Mode.



Many have given this as their reason for saying this is the best wrestling game ever. WWF No Mercy's gameplay and controls are usually looked at as the easiest, simplest, and most fun out of any WWE game. I think that's a pretty good case for this game. If you hang around forums and read about WWE games often, you know that one of the most talked about things, is the controls, and it's usually more voicing their dislike of the controls. So when virtually nobody has anything negative to say about this games controls or gameplay, you know it's a big deal



Not only do you unlock characters through these modes, you also earn money through winning matches in Championship Mode, and competing in Survival. With this money, you can buy new moves, arenas, weapons, characters, and alternate attires for your favorite superstars. Examples: Undertaker's purple gloves, Triple H's long pants, Mankind's brown attire. WWF No Mercy provided us with the "Smackdown Mall" which allowed us to spend our money on cool things to add even more to the game.

Alongside this, you have the neat King of the Ring feature. Where your hand picked superstars battle it out to determine who the true king is. We also get the ladder match, and steel cage match. Out of all of these features, the Smackdown Mall stands out to me the most.


Replay Value:

This is where I have a lot to say, and quite frankly, I think what I'm about to write about determines whether or not WWF No Mercy is overrated, more than anything else I've listed so far. It's the fact that to this very day, people still make mods for this game.

Edge battles Taka.

Edge battles Taka.

Seriously, there is a new mod every year, where people add in the current roster, or even make their own classic roster. There's even new arenas added to the game. I think that shows just how loved and how awesome the game really is. Just the fact that people prefer to play this game over the modern console games like WWE '13, is truly an awesome thing.

Even if you don't mod the game, you can still edit the entire roster and replace them with your own CAWs or make the current roster. There are seriously endless possibilities for WWF No Mercy. It may not have the glitz and glamour of the modern day games, but it has the grittiness and fun of an underground skate park. Basically, it has a certain charm to it, that you cannot get anywhere else.


Final Words:

I think it's safe to say THQ and AKI (hello, AKI Man.), hit a home run with WWF No Mercy. They went all out, and gave us everything we could have asked for out of a WWF video game at the time. In the end, I'd have to say, this game is still Underrated. Even with everything people have done with this game, I feel like there is still so much more we can do with it. It's like finding a field full of diamonds. That's WWF No Mercy to a wrestling fan.

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